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Product Details

  • 24 Tips in Each Pack
  • Made of Natural Products
  • Chlorine Free
  • Perforated Sides
  • Dimensions (75mm – 26mm)

Product Description

What would a cigarette look like if a filter tip wasn’t used to roll it up? Tips are an essential part of a cigarette as they not just give a proper shape to your roll but also provides a better gripping while holding. RAW has a variety of cigarette tips under its brand, and every smoking tip has some quality that will lure you, but not every tip works for all smokers as every smoker has their preferences. These RAW Cone Perforated Tips are for Pros who can trick up different tricks to make different shapes out of one tip, Afterall every smoker loves tips.


Tips in Each Pack: Every pack has 24 tips for 24 amazing smoke.

Made of Natural Products: RAW is one of those brands that is known for the quality of the Smoking Products it produces. These Cone Perforated tips are made up of soft fibre paper, which is further pressed with a fourdrinier paper machine for smooth rolling. Each tip has enough structural integrity to maintain its shape and rigidity even when wet.

Chlorine Free: The wide range of products that are manufactured by RAW is chlorine-free, as RAW believes in products that are eco-friendly and unrefined.

Perforated Sides: These RAW Cone Perforated Cigarette Rolling Tips are perforated from one end that makes it a lot easier to roll and create a shape at the centre. Every smoker has a different style of rolling; thus, These perforated sides help in smooth rolling, which can be made as ‘W’ or ‘Z’ shape at the inner side.

Dimensions: Dimensions of your RAW Cone Perforated Smoking Tip is 75mm – 26mm. Usually, people don’t notice the size or dimension of Cigarette Rolling Papers and Filter Tips, but it’s essential to know as it clears the preferences of choice and as you may know every smoker has a different style of rolling the tips.


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