Moksha RAW Classic Rolling Paper King Size Slim

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Made of pure organic material that is unbleached and processed in an eco-friendly manner, RAW organic rolling papers is a revolutionary step for the rolling paper industry. Grown and harvested using sustainable methods, the material used in the rolling papers are the purest you can find.

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RAW has been ruling the market of smoking accessories for more than a decade. The launch of RAW Classic cigarette papers transformed the smoking culture to a focus on quality and pure naturalness as these rolling papers are made up of vegan, unbleached plant fibres with natural tree sap gumline. Every paper has a crisscross pattern all over, which avoids runs and maintains smooth burns. These tobacco joint papers are rolled with Cotton Filters and Roaches for easy and good smoke. The rolling papers just shook the market but also gained the trust of people for being one of the best smoking papers.

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32 King Size Slim Leaves in Each Pack


Unbleached Paper

Made Of

Made of Plant Fibers


Natural Tree Sap Gum


Each Paper is Watermarked


Even and Slow-Burning

pack size

2, 6, 24


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