Moksha ELEMENTS Rolling Paper King Size Slim

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Made of pure organic material that is unbleached and processed in an eco-friendly manner, RAW organic rolling papers is a revolutionary step for the rolling paper industry. Grown and harvested using sustainable methods, the material used in the rolling papers are the purest you can find.

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Elements is one of the known brands in the smoking industry, who’s smoking accessories are made up of earth, water, wind, and fire particles. These tobacco rolling papers by Elements are made up of earth-friendly materials like rice and sugar, which has a criss-cross pattern that helps in burning smooth and even. Least like other tobacco rolling papers, Elements have the ability to create no residue, i.e. zero ash except the caramel created out of sugar gum line. These rice cigarette rolling papers are rolled with Cigarette Filter Tips.

  • 32 King Size Slim Leaves in Each Pack
  • Made of Rice
  • Perfect Fold Technique
  • Ultra-Thin Paper
  • Zero Ash

Additional information


33 King Size Slim Leaves in Each Pack

Made Of

Made of Rice


Natural Sugar Gum


Ultra-Thin Paper


Each Paper is Watermarked

pack size

2, 6, 24


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