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Over the past few years, the trend of hookah has increased tremendously among young adults and visiting the shisha bar has turned into a Friday-night custom. 
Whether it is to unwind after a hectic day at work, chill out with friends over the weekend, or spend some cozy time with your loved ones, hookahs have been there for everyone throughout good and bad times. Here are the top 4 hookah flavours that you must try once in your lifetime: 

Blue Mist by Starbuzz
Highly in-demand among teenagers who love hookah in Bangalore and very popular among daily hookah consumers, this hookah flavour has easily made its name up to the very top. Owing to its perceptible taste which unmistakably feels like the taste of a sweet blueberry along with a tad bit mixture of spicy mint, this flavour has a fan-base across the world. 

There is something very peculiar about this particular flavour that refuses to fade away even after it’s been a long time you’ve had it. It will surely drag you to itself again. 

Vintage Tobacco by Starbuzz
Even though this is a new launch, this flavour has already gained good popularity in very little time. You can taste the buzz of smoking mixed lightly with a bit of beer’s flavour when the flavor hits your tongue. 

Nakhla Double Apple 
This flavour uses Apple as its base and does not fail to impress anyone who tastes it. Along with the taste of apple, one can also taste a bit of Anise which is mixed with the flavour making it even tastier. 

Mint by Al Fakher 
Mint-flavoured hookahs are on the favourite list of most of the youngsters of our time owing to its unique but powerful taste and Al Fakher is the king of this flavour. 

The kind of peace, relaxation, and tranquillity that we acquire from the very first inhale of hookah is what makes us want more of it. Every lover of hookah in Bangalore swears by each of these flavours and has the taste of at least 3 of the above-mentioned flavour at the tip of their tongue (quite literally). 

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