Different Types of Smoking Papers

Different Types of Smoking Papers

Rolling papers made from natural substances enhance the smoking quality experience. There are available different types of papers for addressing the requirements of cannabis smokers. The choice between hemp, rice, wood, or other fibers depends on several factors like smoking speed, taste, rolling skills, etc.  

Good Smoking papers enhance the quality of a joint and overall smoking experience. However, you must have the skill for a well-rolled joint, and learn how to craft perfect roll-ups. In spite of the current vaporizer boom, most people prefer joints as the medium for smoking cannabis, getting benefits from cannabinoids along with the aromas this plant offers.

Traditional papers are made of wood pulp, which has advantages and disadvantages. During the last two decades, more health-conscious and cannabis-focused papers have been introduced, with hemp, rice, and even transparent cellulose papers made to satisfy the needs of a more conscious public. Each type of Cannabis paper comes with unique characteristics, appealing to different types of smokers. For instance, thickness, taste, as well as burning speed of the paper are different features that come down greatly to personal taste. 

Brown Vs white

 Rolling papers have different porosity for controlling ventilation as well as burning rate. Besides, the paper contains additional materials to help to slow down the burning, stabilizing the paper itself, its smoke, and ash. 

While rolling papers generally have a chemical factor due to the presence of calcium carbonate or chlorine, which slows down the burn. Colored and flavored papers contain chemicals too and natural components. Nowadays, rolling papers are made without chemical materials that enhance combustion, decreasing the possible harm as well as an aftertaste of your smoke.

Hemp rolling papers are made from hemp fiber and light brown. They are thicker and rougher compared to rice papers, offering a good grip.


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