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How to derive the Best pleasures out of your smoking Pipe sessions

To begin with, it is important to know that pipe smoking is a leisure activity. It is done only for the purpose of attaining pure, undivided pleasure. One must not rush in any manner while preparing to smoke a pipe. Also, to enhance the quality of smoke and the effects of high, combine the smoking experience with your favorite cocktails. We suggest you put away some good 20-30 minutes for this session and then begin.

  1. FIlling the bowl: This is the most crucial and important step while preparing your smoke. This step will affect the quality of your high and is a difficult step to master. Begin by filling the bowl loosely with the tobacco of your choice and start pressing it lightly down using the tamper. When the bowl is half-filled, repeat the step again and compress with a bit more pressure. When the bowl is ¾ full, add some more tobacco and press down. You must ensure that there is a little space between the tobacco and the mouth of the bowl. You can buy weed online India to get the best quality weed to get the best effects.
  2. Test draw: Put the pipe to your mouth and suck some air out of the bowl. If air isn’t flowing freely through the bowl, the tobacco is too tight. Remove the lid and try again. Repeat the process until the test draw is fine.
  3. Ignite: Use matchsticks in a circular motion to light the surface of the tobacco while taking gentle draws simultaneously. Once the tobacco is lit, wait for it to go out. Then relight it the same way. Once it is properly lit, you have your smoke ready.
  4. Slow and steady: It is important to remember while smoking pipes that you should not allow the air to get to your lungs. They are a bit stronger than cigarettes and are meant mainly for flavor. Maintain the perfect puff balance while smoking the pipe. If you puff too quickly, you can burn your tongue. You might have to relight your pipe 2-3 times during your smoke, but that’s ok. The main key is to sit back, relax and enjoy your smoke.

Some other tips:

  • If your pipe starts to gurgle a lot, this is because of excess moisture in the pipe stem. Use the pipe cleaner to draw out the moisture from your end of the pipe. Try to keep your mouth as dry as possible while smoking pipes.
  • If the pipe gets too hot while smoking, put off the flame, and relight it again, this can reduce the taste of tobacco.
  • After your session, allow enough time for your pipe to cool down completely before cleaning it.

Follow these steps to have one of the best smoking experiences of your life. Use the best quality weed, which you can get when you buy weed online in India and enjoy your time.

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