Space Jam (1996). Description

Alien creatures arrived on Earth, who decided to capture and take away all the characters of the Looney Tunes cartoon - duck Dafi Dhaka, Bugs Bani and other equally popular characters. In order to free all the pets, a basketball match had to take place, on the outcome of which their fate should depend. All the heroes are happy, because they understand that they will definitely be able to defeat aliens, since they understand something about this sport.<br />
<br />
However, later they faced a big problem, which is that everything turned out to be completely different from what they had hoped, because the aliens turned out to be agile guys who are not capable of fair play. They became the owners of a unique device that took away all the strength from the best basketball players in the USA and handed it over to aliens. Now they have become large in size and with many possibilities. The characters of the Looney Tunes cartoons immediately despaired of the transformation they saw, because now they will definitely lose. But then one came up with the idea to seek help from a talented basketball player, Michael Jordan, who decided to take the side of cartoon characters. But defeating the aliens, even with an experienced player, was not so easy. After all, they used forbidden methods and even violated the rules. Who exactly won this battle, and what the fate of all turned out to be, can be found out at the end.<br />

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