Why Are People So Much Fascinating Towards The Bongs?

Why Are People So Much Fascinating Towards The Bongs?

Are you fascinated by bongs? Do you know how it works? If yes, then you will get all your answers here.

The word bong came from the Thai word ‘baung’ ; it means a bamboo tube used for smoking weed and hash. But, now, bongs are available in a more stylish and textured way rather than a bamboo tube.

Bong, a glass water pipe famous among the youth and smokers for more than 2400 years. It is a filtration device used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other substances. We can say that a bong is similar to a hookah, a portable pot that you can carry everywhere. Air and watertight vessels with a specific hole for tobacco or any other herbal substance make this device a perfect source of enjoyment for bong lovers.(weed bong)

Why are bongs so popular among smokers?

Bongs use water to filter the ash and other particles from weed; meanwhile, it also helps to cool the smoke to a comfortable temperature that’s good for your throat.

Bongs have maintained their popularity for a long time because of their simple and effective potential to deliver a highly enjoyable smoking experience.

Over the decades, bongs have become popular as their sizes, shapes, designs, and smoke styles are unique and fascinating. Moksha bongs aim to offer you a wide variety of bongs online to serve something unique for everyone.

How Do They Work?

Bongs are available in all shapes and sizes. Some bongs are common and usual with just a chamber and a bowl. Others are colourful with different textures and mouth-blown works of art. 

They all do the same things: filter the smoke from the burning of hash and marijuana.

These bongs generally feature a small bowl containing dried weed or hash; when you light them, it ignites. When you inhale the water in the small bowl of bong bubbles. The smoke rises with the help of water and then the bong chamber before entering your mouth and lungs.

What are the major types of bongs available?

Moksha bongs offer a wide variety of bongs that give you 100% enjoyment and fit into your lifestyle no matter where you want to smoke.

  • Steel bongs

  • True niny tasha glass bongs

  • Metier bongs

  • Glass bongs

  • Iridescent bongs

What are the important parts of the bong?

  1. Mouthpiece- This is the place from where you will inhale. Different shapes and styles are available so that you can inhale comfortably.

  2. Dry herbs small bowl- This is where you put the dry herbs. Make sure to grind those herbs carefully for the burn.

  3. Joint- This is the connection between bong and downstem, or a downstem and a glass bowl. 

Usually, joint sizes include 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm and the important thing is that it is available in both male and female varieties. 

  1. Downstem is the long, glass tube that connects a small bowl to a bong and directs the flow of smoke into the water chamber. The feature of the downstem is diffusion, which is capable of breaking the smoke into smaller bubbles when it enters the water for cooling.

  2. Ice catcher- Ice catcher plays an important role in putting a few ice cubes into the ice catcher bong to turn smoke into cool.

 Wrapping Up

A bong is cool and filters the smoke and other particles very well. It gives you a smoother feel and less harsh comparison to a rolled joint, but simultaneously it’s not that good for your health regularly.

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