What is a bong?

What is a bong?

A bong is a water pipe that is many times used to smoke marijuana or ganja. For some "potheads", a bong is the show-stopper of their smoking assortment. Consequently, it's not bizarre to the point that there's bongs accessible for a few many euros. In any case, fortunately, there are a lot of modest bongs that anyone could hope to find for the less well off stoners, that essentially offer equivalent to additional costly bongs: an unadulterated, scrumptious smoking experience that is unparalleled by joints or vaporizers.(bong)


The advantages of a bong


Many individuals who have had a go at smoking a bong once, will stay a colossal enthusiast of these lovely glass gadgets forever. What's more, that is not without an explanation. A bong offers many benefits over joints. Maybe the greatest benefit of everything is that you lose basically no smoke at all while smoking a bong, and the impact of your marijuana is a lot more grounded. That is on the grounds that you just endure one top dog (or a few, on the off chance that you're a genius) and breathe in a lot further. This assists you with capitalizing on your weed and to set aside a great deal of cash.


An ever increasing number of weed smokers these days don't smoke cigarettes or shag any longer. So it's just legitimate that many weed smokers could do without to fill their joints with tobacco. At the point when you roll an unadulterated joint with possibly weed, you utilize much more spice than when you top off the bong. Smoking a bong hit is thus considerably more productive for smoking without tobacco, on the grounds that after only one hit you will currently be stoned for certain hours.


Likewise, bong smokers frequently essentially really like to smoke utilizing their extravagant glass pipe. Furthermore, that is reasonable: a decent bong goes on for a long time, looks perfect in any lounge room or room, and the smoke is basically considerably more charming than that of a joint.(smoke shop)


Buying a bong


Anybody purchasing a bong has the decision of various shops and brands. In any case, in the same way as other different items, a few brands charge huge loads of cash just for the brand. We lean toward the impeccably gotten done and rich bongs that don't cost more than they are truly worth: excellent for a minimal expense. For that reason we at Songify sell many bongs by the brands Blast Glass and Dark Leaf. These are all done and are of preferred quality over most different bongs, however the costs are a lot lower in examination.(chillum)


Honeycomb bong, percolators and diffusers


The wide decision of various sorts of water pipes make purchasing a bong somewhat more muddled than certain a long time back. Because of the presentation of honeycomb bongs, percolators and diffusers there's not just significantly more to browse than previously, however the nature of bongs is likewise far superior to quite a while back. Honeycombs, percolators and diffusers are various ways of arriving at a similar objective: better cooling, better filtration, and a smoother, more wonderful smoking experience. Make certain to examine our assortment of HoneyComb Bongs and Percolator Bongs.(weed crusher)


How does a bong work?


A bong works fundamentally equivalent to some other water pipe, with the main distinction between a bong and a hookah being that with a hookah or shisha the smoke is breathed in through a cylinder, though a bong has a mouthpiece on the actual line.. If you buy a bong with a carbhole or kickhole, you draw the pipe full of smoke first and afterward discharge your finger from the opening, to breathe in all of the packed smoke in one major draw (this is designated "clearing the bong").


Another distinction is that a bong is lit utilizing a fire, rather than utilizing coals like a hookah.. To light a bong, you simply use a lighter or a bong wick, also known as hemp wick.Another distinction is that a bong is lit utilizing a fire, rather than utilizing coals like a hookah.(hukka price)

The history of bongs

Despite the fact that many individuals believe that the water pipe begins from the Middle East and the Arabic world, water pipes have been important for mankind's set of experiences for millennia everywhere. The word bong comes from the Thai word "bong" or "buang", which fundamentally signifies "a water pipe produced using bamboo". Likewise in Laos, Nepal, China, Africa and America (among numerous others), native clans have been involving bongs for a long time. Most bongs these days are not generally made of bamboo, since glass offers a vastly improved smoking experience than bamboo, acrylic or metal. To that end current bongs are generally produced using borosilicate glass, a top notch heat-verification and scratch-confirmation glass that is fantastic for this reason.(bongs)


Bronze, Silver and Gold Line Bongs

To make purchasing a bong simpler, we at Bongify have separated our variety into three principal classes: Bronze Line, Silver Line, and Gold Line. The Bronze Line comprises the least expensive bongs that we have. The Silver Line has top notch bongs at a reasonable cost. The Gold Line just merits the most elite - and at Pongify, even these bongs are estimated low comparative with different bongs shops! (bongs percolator)



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