Things You Need to Know About Hookahs

Things You Need to Know About Hookahs

Traditional hookahs are hand-made, while modern hookahs, on the other hand, are made with modern manufacturing techniques on assembly lines. You can easily distinguish a traditional hookah from a modern one by considering factors like styling, construction, and performance. 

Modern hookahs

Modern hookahs are typically produced with lighter weight material without any visible weld lines. The composition contains threaded elements that are screwed together, which can be unscrewed quite easily to fit carrying cases. Some higher end hookahs offer a better finish compared to traditional ones, as they add chromium into the final plating stage. 

Traditional hookahs are hand-made 

In general, traditional hookahs are bigger and manufactured with comparatively heavier metals. They also use a blend of metals like stainless steel mixed with copper and brass. Brass hookahs are the best around critical points like the hose port and check valve. The key benefits of using brass come from the brazing method in which steel is combined with brass. It adds great strength to such weld points which are visible on traditional hookahs.  

Modern hookahs come with innovations 

Some modern products offer improved designs. An improved check valve system on different hose models is one of the innovations. Such check release valves are crafted with ball bearings. The outcome is a multiple-hose hookah that you can smoke without plugging each hose that is not in use, a troublesome disclosure with traditional hookahs. If you want to buy Shisha flavor pipes online, make sure you know your preference, and do a little research to know about the various options available before making your purchase. 

Materials of hookah

Some hookah manufacturers think that solid brass pipes are the best, heaviest, and most solid and will last forever. But, brass pipes need polishing on a daily basis for maintaining the luster and shine. Some people favor a mix of stainless steel with copper and brass.      Before Buy shisha online with a pipe, you must know how to check. For a hookah, start by checking the bowl on top; examine chips and the ovular opening where it links to the hookah. If the opening is ovular, it will not seal perfectly when sitting on top of your hookah. Look for obstacles in the bowl’s holes. It is possible that the holes are clogged up during the glazing process. Also, ensure whether the bowl fits snugly.


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