Knowing How to Use a Weed Grinder Making a Fine Paste of Weeds

Knowing How to Use a Weed Grinder Making a Fine Paste of Weeds

Smoking weed brings in a better feel. Now, you have to know how to grind weeds that help you to smoke weeds feeling the true peace of mind. You need to get a weed grinder that helps you to grind the weeds and then you can use it with pipes or vaporizers. There are the smoke shops selling weed grinders and you need to find a genuine store. It’s easy to buy the stuff online and you have to make sure that you get the best one that meets your specifications.

How to use weed grinder?

Next, you have to know how to use the grinder. Here are mentioned the steps showing how to use a marijuana grinder:

  • First, you have to remove the lid at the top. Then break the bigger buds and you need to place them in between the grinder’s teeth. The magnet is placed here and everything gets pivoted.
  • Hold the bottom of the grinder and start rotating the lip and continue for at least 10 rotations. You have to give the marijuana a smooth look and thus it becomes ready to use.
  • Before you remove the lip put some pressure with your palm and the cannabis gets dislodged into the collection chamber.
  • You have to separate the collection chamber and thus you can get the weeds. You need to scoop out the finely ground weeds and you can use inhale through a pipe, vaporizer, etc.

So, you get an idea of how to use a weed grinder and it makes you feel confident knowing that you can get a smooth paste of weeds.

Knowing Different parts of Weed Grinder

Here is a brief view of different parts of weed grinders:

  • Two-piece, which is a single chamber grinder
  • Three-piece is a dual-chamber grinder
  • Four-piece is a three-chamber grinder

You have to get the right one ensuring that you can use it without facing any difficulty. Once you get the genuine stuff you can use it in your way and thus it becomes easy to smoke the weeds. It brings in the better feel making life full of joy and ecstasy.


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