How to Choose the Suitable Bong Pipe for You

How to Choose the Suitable Bong Pipe for You

But every time it comes to buying a Bong, you need to know various things to pick the right one. Bongs come in different shapes and sizes.  When buying a bong, you need to know about various things such as there are so many different styles available, you need to be sure which type you want to pick. Lots of designs are there, after which there is a glass thickness, which is also an essential thing when you are looking to buy bong pipe

Here below, check out a quick guide on how to choose the right and best bong pipe for you.

First of all, let’s talk about the style and look of the bong. There are different styles available, but here are the most popular and people prefer to buy are straight tube, recycler, and beaker bongs. Straight tubes have dense smoke, and these smoking pipes are clear quickly. Whereas, if you choose beaker bongs, they have more volume than straight tubes. But they are less dense and with bigger rips. When it comes to recyclers, they are used for smoking concentrates.

After all, if you decide which style you want to go for, the next thing you need to know is glass thickness. To make your bong last longest, then the glass of the bong should be thick. The thicker, the better, but yes, if you are going for an outing or where you can carry your bong pipe with you, your bong pipe glass should be thick; otherwise, if you need to take it at one place, then don’t worry about the thickness. It is recommended to choose glass thickness above 3.5mm, which should be fine in any environment.

Suppose you are entirely new to bong then you don’t need percolators. Just clean your bong on a daily basis. As if you smoke daily, then all the smoke residue is filled in that glass. So wash your bong as soon as after using it.

So this information is enough if you are planning to buy a bong pipe for yourself.


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