Glass Bongs Suppliers and Manufacturers in India

Glass Bongs Suppliers and Manufacturers in India

Glass Bongs are fresh out of the plastic new bongs in our online smoke shop. This magnificent bong assortment was planned by our creators and is hand passed up our accomplished glass blowers in Europe. Each glass bong is a novel piece of workmanship for your most extreme smoking delight. 

Glass bongs are made of thick glass and have a strong development. Glass on glass removable slider with bowl (one piece) is remembered for the cost. Water bongs are outfitted with an ice holder in the mouth tube. You can place in some ice solid shapes while smoking to chill off the smoke – enthusiastically suggested. 

Glass bongs are vigorously silver/gold raged. This causes astonishing shading changing glass impact – the glass tone marginally changes as indicated by various light conditions or temperature changes. 

Ring bong assortment contains four stunning pieces – Gold Plated 24K Glass Ring Bong and three clear glass pieces enriched with blazes on the water chamber, mouthpiece and the bowl also – green, red or blue adaptation. (Glass Bong small)

Besides, these wonderful glass ring bongs can be customized with an engravings of your decision, our glass blowers can modify the bong for example with your name, birth date, moniker or anything you desire. Likewise it very well may be an exceptionally extraordinary present for your significant other/spouse, perfect partner, darling, companion and so forth. Pick yours and become one of the primary proprietors of a great glass ring bong.


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